Yoga Class Descriptions


Hot Yoga

Chiroease’s signature Hot Yoga class. A series of 26 set poses/asanas. A practice that focuses on increasing strength and flexibility while allowing the heat to assist your body in opening up and experiencing transformation. Ideal for those who enjoy an energetic class and don’t mind a bit of a sweat!

34 degrees. All levels – Beginner friendly. 60 minutes.

Vinyasa Flow

A flowing practice that uses sequenced poses that focuses on personal progress. This class will awaken and strengthen. The class includes balancing postures, inversions, deep core strengthening, floor work and guided relaxation.

28 degrees. All levels – Beginner friendly. 60 minutes.

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Young girl in yoga classes

Yin Yoga

A slow pace style of yoga. This nourishing practice uses poses that are held for longer periods of time to facilitate deep release, for recovery and healing, both mentally and physically. We need both Yin and Yang. We need to exercise, and we need to rest. We need to contract muscles to make them stronger, and we need to traction muscles to heal them from overuse. Beneficial for improving flexibility, tranquility and symmetry.

24 degrees. All levels – Beginner friendly. 60 minutes.


Combining a flowing vinyasa sequence with long, deep holds in classic yin poses this class provides a holistic yoga experience to both strengthen and stretch. Non heated class. Beginner friendly.

24 degrees. All levels – Beginner friendly. 60 minutes.

Young girl in yoga classes
Mat Pilates

Mat Pilates

The classical mat series as developed by Joesph Pilates with a contemporary attitude. The Pilates mat work is a compliment to your exercise on the reformer, inviting you to build core control, spinal articulation and the ability to stabilise, mobilise and lengthen. This is the next level for functional fitness to tone, tighten and enlighten.

28 degrees. All levels. Beginner friendly. 60 minutes.

Kids Yoga

A dedicated and intentional yoga practice that includes breathing techniques, physical postures and mindful activities while having fun. Kids receive the benefits of good health, flexibility, concentration, self esteem, being present, awareness and peace in body and mind.

60 minutes.

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Meditating on maternity. Close-up of pregnant woman meditating while sitting in lotus position

Prenatal Yoga

To help you feel your best towards birth and beyond. A tailored practice to assist women throughout their pregnancy from pre-natal exercise to post-natal recovery – preparing both the body and the mind the work of labour and motherhood.

The Chiroease pre-natal yoga class is an opportunity for expecting mothers to come together in a supportive beautiful environment, to engage in inspired teaching of the mindful movement systems of Yoga.

A gentle practice in a non-heated room. (hot yoga or mat pilates classes should be avoided).