Sound Healing Meditation with Ami Hasson

About the Workshop

A blissful journey of Sound Healing with Crystals singing bowls & Tibetan bowls, energy chimes, gong, percussive and air instruments, vocal toning, harmonic singing, songs, spoken wisdom, a guided meditation with the additional use of Crystals & Essential oils. This is a healing experience that is rich and abundant with ingredients of Sound and sacred intentions which will nourish your body, mind and soul.

The combination of all the above will impact your being in a positive way, allowing you to find stronger sense of inner peace, clarity, focus and healing. This is a truly blissful healing experience.

What is Sound Healing?

The effects of exposure to damaging sounds and frequencies in this modern age are a major cause of stress related symptoms and dis-ease common in today’s world. Sound healing is a growing modality around the world, known and used since the dawn of human civilization to help harmonise stagnant energy in the body and relax the mind into a state where deep healing can occur.

In a Sound Healing Meditation Ami will use a full set of Crystal singing bowls and energy chimes which are tuned to the tones of our Chakra energy system.

The sounds created in the session reduce the brain activity to theta waves which are similar to dream state of mind, participants can experience profound healing and emotional release and or a deep relaxed, focused and rejuvenated state of many cases an astral journey may occur. The entire physical body has an opportunity to slow down allowing a deep relaxed state of body and mind which can help to alleviate physical, mental and emotional pain/blockage/etc.

About Ami Hasson

Ami has always been a kindred spirit in service throughout his life, with many challenges he had to face and overcome.

He has facilitated thousands of meditation groups, private sessions, workshops, concerts & special events/retreats. Ami’s sessions are a unique healing experience where you can relax, rejuvenate, meditate, connect with yourself on a deeper level and receive healing by pure sounds, frequencies and love.


Sunday, 22nd October, 2017


2 – 4pm (arrival 1.45pm)




Chiroease Wellness Studio

Level 1, 2-8 Lake Street, Caroline Springs

*Bookings are required.