Prenatal Yoga – 5 weeks course

A nurturing course designed to explore yoga and movement for birth. It will run every Saturday for 5 weeks starting on 14th April. No yoga experience required.

This course will be run by our well experienced Kahmen, mother of two that sets a calming atmosphere and creates and environment for self-reflection and a better understanding of the body through asanas (poses), breathing and meditation.

Prenatal yoga and mindful movement aims to:
* Balance and free the stress of the body through yoga, breath work, mantra and meditation.
* Use movement to encourage optimal fetal positioning for birth.
* Learn about women business in a fun, safe and down to earth environment.
* Discover your body through fluid movement and practice hearing your own intuition as a mother.
* Disconnect for the busy aspect of life and connect deeply with your growing baby.

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Ayami Urli

Ayami Wellness joins Chiroease Wellness as the provider for yoga and mat Pilates. Ayami, the founder of Ayami Wellness, totally fell in love with yoga when she started practicing Ashtanga Yoga back in 2010. She loved the way her body learned to connect with her mind, as it required not only physical effort but focus and connection with the breath as well. Yoga is the perfect way for soothing the mind and combining her love for movement.