Clinical Pilates

Reformer Pilates

What is Clinical Pilates?

A challenging, low impact, total body workout that focuses on strengthening the core and elongating rather than bulking muscle. Chiroease Clinical Pilates is a resistance-based studio that uses tension to strengthen and stretch, allowing the body to develop a long, strong, lean form.

Pilates is for Everyone

Pilates is ageless and genderless. Anyone can benefit from Clinical Pilates: the athlete, the office worker, those with physical challenges or injuries, the flexible and inflexible, the dancer, the boxer, and the expecting mother. With hundreds of exercises Clinical Pilates will push you farther than you ever thought your body could go.

Reformer Pilates

Clinical Pilates is a must for Pre and Postnatal Mums

Clinical Pilates is a great way to stay connected with your changing body. We help you create a girdle of support – made from your pelvic floor and transverse abdominal muscles – to keep your lower back happy and help facilitate the best delivery possible.

Recovery and Injury Prevention

Many injuries are caused by muscular imbalances; Clinical Pilates exercises promote an even musculature throughout the body by strengthening the core.

Clinical Pilates is for Runners

As a runner, it is imperative for you to have strong quad and hip abductor muscles to support your knees and hips while running. Our group classes will help you increase your range of motion and physical endurance – and you’ll learn to breathe properly, from your diaphragm.

Clinical Pilates is for the Yogi

Core strength helps to protect over – stretched lower backs, a focus on alignment and balance through strength – building exercises helps protect your knees in all those warrior poses. Clinical Pilates also enhances your stability and muscle control in your shoulders facilitating better head and hand stand poses.

Clinical Pilates is for Professionals

Clinical Pilates combination of stretching and strengthening helps you release tension after a long day at the office leaving you feeling long and strong. Clinical Pilates helps you build strength to undo the damage to posture and back health caused by sitting for many hours, and leaves you feeling relaxed and energized.

Clinical Pilates is for Athletes

Core strength helps you become stronger, proper alignment helps you run further, and stretching keeps you pain-free and ready for more!

Dancers, Movers and Shakers!

Enhance your skills with the precision and body awareness that comes from your Clinical Pilates practice. Improve balance and coordination while cross-training.