About Us

who we are

Chiroease Wellness is a breathtaking beautiful urban sanctuary offering chiropractic, yoga, pilates, meditation, clinical pilates and massage to help you lead a happier and more conscious life.

At Chiroease we have a Proven “Four Step” Approach:

  1. Relief of the pain and physical stress that you are experiencing
  2. Correction of the problem by targeting the cause
  3. Strengthening not just the area of discomfort, but the whole body
  4. Educating you on wellness and maintenance to re-educate your body

meet the founder

Dr. Sonia Hatem is the founder of Chiroease Wellness Studio. Dr. Hatem has been working in the health and wellness industry for many years.
Before opening Chiroease Wellness Studio, she owned Chiroease Chiropractic for 8 years where she treated patients for injury, pain, stiffness, arthritis and pregnancy.
Dr. Hatem’s philosophy of holistic health and personalised patient care truly resonated with her when she started to treat them utilizing her clinical pilates and yoga skills. Her experiences at Chiroease Chiropractic coupled with her shared passion for clinical pilates and hot yoga led to her journey to establish a wellness studio in the western side of Melbourne, in a beautiful location on the lake in Caroline Springs in 2016.

At the studio you will see Dr. Hatem regularly with her patients and she takes pride in her professional, friendly and caring staff who are always at the front desk greeting members and providing attentive service to all who walk through the door.

  1. The environment is warm, welcoming and ambient
  2. The entire team of staff has a genuine passion for health and wellness
  3. The innovative clinical pilates and hot yoga schedule is constantly evolving
  4. The team of practitioners, instructors and teachers are amongst the finest in Australia

the space

Our Wellness studio is a truly authentic space for the locals, with it’s walls painted a fresh shade of white and the divine yoga studio that overlooks the lake. What makes this studio unique is its modern approach to traditional therapy, where mindfulness techniques are webbed intricately into each class. There is an understanding of the powerful combination of mental and physical practices for holistic health. Created by founding director, practitioner and yoga and pilates teacher, Sonia Hatem.


our philosophy

This sanctuary is a very unique space designed to give you a very warm feeling of being at a home away from home. A place where one can take time to learn more about themselves physically, mentally and spiritually in a community styled setting. No judgment, just guidance. No intimidation, just reassurance. No pressure, only learning to let go!

This is our unique take on a Namaste community in the heart of Caroline Springs!

signature style

The greatest benefits of our chiropractic, massage and yoga/pilates classes are a healthier lifestyle and a better you.  Including yoga and pilates in your daily life can help get you to that goal that you have been working towards; come once a week for maintenance, twice a week for improvement and three times a week for transformation!

Here are just some of the benefits:

Increased Strength And Flexibility
Weight Normalisation
Improved Mental State; an increased Sense Of Calm And Wellbeing
Improved Immunity



Chiroease wellness studio has a unique design and a diverse array of classes and programs developed to reflect the unique needs of the student community.


The philosophy of Chiroease is informed by the Yoga tradition. Yoga is not a thousand techniques to be practiced and perfected, it’s not something we do but something we become and are. This philosophy is shared by the experienced teachers who balance the physical and spiritual benefits of the practice in their teachings.

Yoga with Ayami

Ayami Wellness joins Chiroease Wellness as the provider for yoga and mat pilates. Ayami, the founder of Ayami Wellness, totally fell in love with yoga when she started practicing Ashtanga Yoga back in 2010. She loved the way her body learned to connect with her mind, as it required not only physical effort but focus and connection with the breath as well. Yoga is the perfect way for soothing the mind and combining her love for movement.

Being a mum of two beautiful boys she decided to receive her Kids Yoga and Kids Yoga Therapy Teacher Training certification with amazing and well-recognised, Lorraine Rushton. She has also completed formal training with Duncan Peak (Power Living 200 RTY) and Jo Phee (Yin Yoga training).

Her love for connecting with people and encouraging them to find the way to nurture themselves through the practice of living in the present moment, as this is the only place where life exists, has expressed itself as her passion in life.
Her commitment is to inspire others to realise their own gifts and powers and to step fully into their most brilliant self.

“Yoga is the journey of the self through the self to the self.”

Ayami Wellness photo